MBLEx Exam Prep 联邦按摩考试,包括最新题目

Best Value- 400 interactive Questions with answers   $300


Super Value -视频精讲 400Q $1000


中文精讲问题 答案

Ultimate Value-视频精讲 400Q+每周二集体解答辅导1.5hr 90天 $1500


​中文精讲问题 答案




Private Energy Healing       $58/hr 

      Promote Natural Energy Flow

        Activate Body's Intelligence For Healing

        Acupressure points

Chakra Clearing Balancing Connection

Figure 8 Healing

Psychic Channeling

Emotional Release Through Brain Heart


Recommend minimum 1hr, 1.5 hr preferred

Private Cosmic Stretch Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Therapy  $68/hr

Enhance Energy Flow

Increase Blood Lymph Circulation

Relax Muscles 

Increase Flexibility

20-80% Reduction in Pain

Tailed to Individual Needs

Complete Total Body Mind Spirit Experience

        Therapy On Organic Thai Floor Mat 

        Wear Flexible Clothing

Bring you back to child like state

Taste of Authentic Thailand

Rose Hip Tea is provided

Leaving Feeling Relaxed Rejuvenated Yet Energized

Recommend Minimum 1.5hr, Maximum 5 hrs for Day Relaxation. I use whole body weight as leverage, and am able to handle up to 300 lbs, and height 6'4. Clientele includes professional athlete, engineers, nurse etc.


Energy Healing Spiritual Consultation          $88/hr 

Whole Body Detoxification

Intuition Development

Energy Healing Techniques

Grounding Techniques

Techniques for Anxiety Depression

Fasting Techniques

Liver Gallbladder Flush

Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fast, Water Fast

Sleeping Control Techniques 

               (Phone, Skype, Zoom)                   


Day Session

1 Day 8 hr Healing Group Workshop  $168

Reiki Group Training I and II (9am-3pm) $108

Reiki Private Training I and II (10am-2pm) $188