“Sophia really knows her stuff and you have to exercise blind faith I can't even begin to describe how much she has transformed my personal health not only going from 198lbs to 172 but making me feel alive and my entire way of thinking!”

~ Dylan Borland ~  

"I've been following Sophia for a few years now and have really appreciated her level of dedication and help. She's been very instrumental in helping my husband, son and I move to a vegan diet for almost 1yr now. She's very easy to talk to and a wonderful advocate for importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain healthy physical, spiritual, and mental well being. I've taken many things away from our conversations but one helpful topic we discussed has been the importance of regular detoxification. She's introduced me to many fantastic juicing recipies, herbal remedies/teas, along with a life-changing grape juice fast. It took some practice but now my husband and I are able to fast during the week with just grape juice or 1 raw vegan meal a day. Because of this, we have noticed a significant change in appetite, mood, weight loss, and overall energy. I'm so grateful to have found her!! She's been supportive and encouraging every step of the way. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!"

~Sue Wheeler Jurzec ~ 

"Sophia is a natural healer, i.e. she uses what is available already in nature to help heal and balance your body. She has studied and practiced many forms of energy healing and is well versed with different modalities of healing. She was able to heal my body and my biofield at the same time. Some folks are born with certain abilities and healing seems to come naturally to Sophia. I have been blessed to cross paths with someone like her. She clearly explains the process in simple English before she proceeds. She can help with a specific issue with an organ or she can help balance your energy so that you can experience life fuller and richer."

~ Sibasis Sahoo ~ 

"Sophia has been a valued partner in my post-concussion recuperation. Having sampled numerous energy and massage modalities I began sensing that the extent of their impact is influenced not only by the healer's knowledge and skill but also mentality. Fortunately Sophia's devotion to mastery of healing technique and ever-expanding wealth of knowledge are complemented by her unfailing selflessness and warm-hearted manner, which all synergize into a powerfully healthful touch. For over a year I've been blessed to depend on Sophia's unparalleled accessibility and gift for consistently leaving me revitalized and mentally decontaminated."

~ Andrew ~ 

"I have been to 3 workshops with Sophia. Every time I go I learn so much. You can tell she has spent a lot of time studying her craft and is really in tune with her healing work. She is spot on when it comes to the body work specifically the Thai massage, she knew exactly where the blockages were. Same accuracy with tuning forks and abdominal massage. She also hosts a variety of events that assist one in deepening their knowledge in energy work all together."

~ Bri Hernandez ~ 

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