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The Year End Reflection and Create a Purpose Driven 2020

2020 is right around the corner. Another new year or new decade is upon us. Energy is everywhere around us. When we give anything energy, we give it attention, when we give it attention, the energy grows.

How will you like to grow?

Let's take a brief inventory of what memories have we created in 2019.

What were the lessons learned in 2019?

Where were you wins?

Are there any wins in personal relationships, any relationships, relationships with spouse, children, coworkers, business partners, people you meet in life?

What are the wins in your career, work, personal development?

What are the wins in your travels?

What talents and strengths did you develop? Did you put your good talents to good use?

What gifts did you give?

What gifts did you receive?

Positive winning experiences allow us to appreciate what we have, aware of what our strengths are, and more importantly serve as a point of reference towards future events and allow that flow state, as if Universe got our back.

Any mistakes you made in 2019, and would love to avoid in 2020?

Acknowledge the mistakes, forgive yourself, know that we are all on the journey to co-create the universe.

Project to a Life Vision of 2020

How will you utilize the lessons learned in 2019?

How will your growth experiences look like?

What new choices will you make in this new year?

What gifts would you like to give?

What gifts would you like to receive?

What does your ideal self look like?

How will it make you feel?

What do you want to create in this new year?

What is motivating you to create this?

What talents and strengths do you have to align with your intention?

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