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My Healing Journey

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Sophia's Healing Journey

Sophia is a Chinese born native, grew up in Shanghai for first 22 years. All her life she has been following intuitive inner guidance to lead her follow paths true to her life’s purpose. After she moved to the United States she received a Master’s degree in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University with highest honors. She has worked in private companies, CPA firm, and State Government. Also fixed and flipped over hundreds of residential houses in real estate along with her husband Dylan and investor millionaires across the country. 

Now she is a proud Mother of a young boy driving him around to various activities. She went through several challenging health conditions after a difficult birth, and have gone to numerous allopathic medicine practices with little to no result.

Her spiritual awakening accelerated by the illness and she studied every type of healing work she could, after 20,000+ hours of learning, absorbing and with intense inner dialogue and reflection, now she not only recovered herself from the chronic conditions, she is here to share the message that your ability to heal is all possible when you are ready to allow and change yourself to become a better version mentally emotionally physically and spiritually. She is here to help you to raise vibration and increase the consciousness of the entire planet to live a life of Truth Peace Joy and Love.

Her first name picked by parents is of Greatness and Beauty. In 2011 she changed her first name to Sophia to honor her Inner Wisdom and moved original first name "Greatness and Beauty" to middle name.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn or improve your own ability to heal, please book an appointment or come check out many free classes on local meet up. When you decide that you are sick and tired of what you are sick and tired of , and you are ready to change mentally instead of the stories you created for yourself, and make the changes, and you will see drastic improvements on not only your health, but every area of your relationships. And all will happen very quickly!

May you be blessed with ✴truth ✴peace✴ joy and ✴love✴. Decide.Choose. Change. Master.



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