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How to Heal Yourself

How many bodies do you have?

You may be familiar with the term of physical body. But are you familiar with your physical body? How about your emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and pain body?

How many bodies do you need to heal?

All of them. You need to heal your physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and pain body. With healing each body, the other ones heal a little easier. Healing is like learning how to ride a bike, with practice, it gets a little easier.

Why do you need to heal if you can not see, sense or feel?

You need to understand the concept of form and formless. Can you see your thoughts? No. You can not. But does your thought affect how you feel, how you act and how you attract? Absolutely. The reason you can not see, sense or feel is because all your senses are being blocked by many sources. You block yourself to stop the pain, thus the pain get trapped inside of your body. The more you unlock yourself, it get easier and easier to see sense and feel. With increased sensitivity and awareness, you are able to activate the healing power within, and also able to sense and aware of others emotions and pains.

The only way to release the pain is to re-examine it, no matter how painful it may seem to be at this time. All your senses will appear more vivid as your physical become less dense and more flowing. The pain needs to be communicated to. Have you had a situation where people say I don't feel any pain? Then somebody touch certain spot, they certain realized there were tons of physical pain and soreness rushing all around that area. Or sometimes one activity happened, then you realize you still carry lots of emotional pain inside. Pay attention.

How to heal physical body?

The easiest aspect to understand it is cause and effect. What you put into the body, how you use the body become the result of the body. If you put wrong oil in the car, the car will run poorly. If you don't run the car, the oil will get stagnant and old. The same thing if you put wrong food, wrong drink, wrong posture in the body, body will have a very difficult time to repair. If you don't move the body, the energies get jammed in one area, and you develop conditions to that area. How do you take care of the garbage in your kitchen? You take it out regularly. Are you cleaning out the garbage in your body regularly as how often you take out the garbage in your kitchen? The physical body you live in day in and day out produces tremendous free radicals from our environment and cellular metabolism. Cleansing it is a must to heal physical body.

Many people come to me say that I want to heal but I have this story. For example, I want to heal, but I have XYZ disease. I want to heal, but it is genetic. I want to heal, but I played sports when I was younger. I want to heal, but I did too much drugs or alcohols. I want to heal, but someone hurt me 20 years ago. What I am hearing in truth is that this person doesn't want the consequences of the pain, but also really loves the companion of pain.

Pain is a comfort for lots of people, they feel validated that it is OK to be sick, and feel better they have this condition, and love the story and memory they invented years ago, as if the pain is their best virtual and physical friend, they are not ready to let go. This relationship has been going on for many years, it is difficult to lose this intimate friendship.

In order to heal, you need to believe that you will heal. Without belief you can heal, you will not. My uncle was told by the doctor he had lung cancer. He believed in it for a week. His entire life and family got shattered, and his organs started to shut down, and he couldn't think or do anything but was preparing for death. That was a very long excruciating pain for one week. Then he decided he needed more testing done with the encouragement from the family. Then the second result came back, he didn't have lung cancer. He was thrilled and accepted the new result. What if he accepted he had cancer first time? He probably would have died. What if he didn't accept the second time, and believe he had the cancer? He probably would have died because of his belief.

You attract what you believe in. Then you materialize it. In order to heal, you need to change yourself, be and do differently, which requires tremendous amount of courage, willpower, and faith. But if you learn to do it, you feel so liberated, as if you escape from the prison you created tailored to yourself.

How about your emotional body?

You can start cleanse your physical body. The process of cleansing physical body will accelerate the process of cleansing emotional body. As you get physically strongly and you feel lighter, your emotional garbage will shed.

You need to dig out every emotion bothers you, triggers your reactions to anger, rage, sadness, grief, jealousy revisit them and decide you release these memories. Forgive everyone in your life who offended you. Forgive your loved ones, which include your spouse, your parents, your children, your ex-partners. Forgive yourself. And do this everyday!

As you forgive everyone in your life, your organs will feel lighter. All those emotions poisons created years ago, finally a chance to float away, instead of being trapped inside to make you feel heavy.

Give gratitude to everything and everyone. When you see your eyes through the beauty and truth of everything, you feel relaxed and happy. That all darkness and light are the same body. Darkness needs light to survive. Light shines through darkness. It is not just positive is good, and negative is bad. Positive and negative flows in and out. It helps you to grow. But if makes you happy being positive, why stay in negative if it doesn't shine your spirit?! Give kindness to people, say kinds words, give kind gestures. The more you give kindness to the world, the world gives you back the kindness.

Pay attention to the words you say to yourself. Any words you say to yourself become a spell. Through choice and personal will, you can choose positive words to push you forward, or negative words to pull you back. Pay attention to the words others say to you. Any words others say to you become a spell as well. Through choice and personal will, you can accept it as encouragement. Or reject it if it is emotional poison. Then you reclaim your personal power to do everything you desire in life. There is no lack of emotional poison in this world, how you choose to deal with it is a daily practice for you to grow strong and compassionate.

How about your pain body?

Your pain body is just as real as your physical body. It needs food to thrive on. Give it more pain, pain body grows. If you stop feeding the pain, it slowly goes away. Pain body is like a parasite living on you, when it gets hungry, it will tell you time for more pain. That is why most people are very predictable, because you know they like certain pain and like to attract certain people to give them pain.


Step 1 Cleanse Physical Body

  • Food

  • Water

  • Air

  • Dental Work

  • Colons

  • Kidneys

  • Liver

  • Skin

  • Lymph

Step 2 Cleanse Emotions

  • Daily Forgiveness

  • Daily Gratitude

Step 3 Cleanse Pains

  • Stop Feeding Pains

  • Send Pains Unconditional Love

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